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About Us


We are Hachiro Ramen Bar, and we are excited to bring elements of Japanese tradition and cuisine to you in a modern, relaxed setting. As a sister and brother duo—Brooke & Stephen—our deep roots both in Japan and North Vancouver gave us the passion, knowledge, and the inspiration to open Hachiro Ramen Bar. A dream, that is now a reality—where we can showcase the culture and food we experienced with our family growing up, both in Japan and here on the North Shore.

Hachiro is a connection between the past and present by bringing Japanese culture and history to a new generation. All of our menus are handwritten by our Grandmother in Japan, and the lanterns outside our doors are designed by our Grandfather, both of whom have had a hand in introducing us to Ramen and Japanese culture. We hope that our balance of authentic atmosphere, and modern, fresh cuisine will create an exceptional Ramen experience for you.

We are all about family and togetherness at Hachiro Ramen, so welcome into our family! We’re excited to show you incredible Japanese culture and hospitality and—whether you’re a Ramen pro, or it’s your first time—ensure your experience at Hachiro will be an unforgettable one.

-Brooke & Stephen

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